B-Fin solutions

Efficiency: B-fin allows you to effectively manage the company's finances and resources. The accounting system allows you to quickly and easily access and analyze financial information, which helps to make effective decisions.

Medium business

B-fin provides solutions for medium-sized businesses that will help improve the efficiency of financial management and ensure the reliability of financial information. Here are some of them:

  • calculation of wages
  • integration with online banks
  • accounting of currency transactions

Integration with other systems: B-fin can be integrated with other systems such as CRM, electronic document management and others to ensure a more efficient operation of the business as a whole.

Small and micro businsess

You can use the B-Fin online service for small and micro businesses, working independently and using all the functionality either for $3.99 or $9.99. The following solutions for a small business will be available to you:

  • accounting of goods
  • mutual settlements with counterparties
  • retail

Goods accounting: the system allows you to keep goods inventory records, control the movement of goods and optimize stocks, ensuring efficiency and saving resources.

B-fin helps to solve a number of problems that business owners usually face, among which the following can be highlighted:

  1. Financial management: B-fin allows you to effectively manage finances, collect and process financial information, receive up-to-date reporting, which allows you to make prompt and informed decisions in the field of finance and business management.

  2. Control of warehouse turnover: B-fin helps to keep records of warehouse turnover, store information about the arrival and departure of goods, manage stocks, increase the turnover of goods and optimize costs in the warehouse.

  3. Cost management: B-fin allows you to keep track of costs at various stages of business activity, control costs for individual projects and departments, and optimize costs.

  4. Effective planning and analysis: B-fin provides an opportunity to keep accurate records of financial transactions, plan a budget for future periods, receive up-to-date reporting and analyze financial data. This allows business owners to be ready for future challenges and changes in the market.

  5. Process automation: B-fin allows you to automate routine processes, reduce manual work and improve work efficiency.